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Hello again, it’s me – your favorite Missouri wedding, sports, and portrait photographer. My website has been down for a little over a month now. Come to find out, Pixieset’s system kept returning server errors because my website had “too many pages.” Which is kind of crazy to think, considering I had a pretty standard photography website and had only just begun growing my blog. And that’s not even the craziest part, I figured out the issue, not Pixieset’s IT staff. But that’s okay, at least it happened now and not later.

Anyway, after about three weeks of no answer from Pixieset Support, I decided to look around for a new platform – something geared more toward web design & SEO, functionality, & reliability. That’s when I came across the platform you’re currently viewing this post on, Showit – which integrates perfectly with WordPress’s blogging features.

Not only did I take this down time to create a new, simplified website design, I also updated my rates and service offerings to reflect my new cost of doing business, reflect the area’s market rates (different from North Carolina), and to add to what services/add-ons I offer. Click here to view all of the updated information!

All client galleries, contracts, and invoices will remain on the same platform so their should be no interruption/issues with accessing your photos, signing contracts, or making payments. Please reach out with any questions or concerns.

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