A Complete List Of Wedding Decor Items (From A Missouri Wedding Photographer)


The number of different wedding decorations are endless! If you want to make sure you haven’t missed anything, refer to this comprehensive list of wedding decor items, categorized by parts of the day.


☐ Welcome sign

☐ Seating instructions sign

☐ Ceremony backdrop/arch

☐ Aisle runners

☐ Aisle markers

Cocktail Hour

☐ Bar decor (florals, drink signage, etc.)

☐ Menus/menu signage

☐ Guest book table

☐ Cocktail tables


☐ Guest book

☐ Gift table

☐ Gift table decor (signage, florals, etc.)

☐ Card holder for gift table

☐ Menu signage

☐ Escort/seating chart display

☐ Dessert table

☐ Dessert table decor (displays, signage, florals, etc.)

☐ Cake stand & topper

☐ Bar decor (signage, florals, etc.)

☐ Reception lighting

☐ Wedding favor display

☐ Lounge area

☐ Photobooth

☐ Memorial board or display (for past family members & important figures)

☐ Engagement photo display

Table Decor

☐ Table runner

☐ Table numbers

☐ Centerpieces

☐ Candles

☐ Place mats

☐ Chargers

☐ Salad plate

☐ Dinner plate

☐ Silverware

☐ Napkin

☐ Water & wine glasses

☐ Chair decor

☐ Menu


Covering all your bases isn’t easy when there are so many individual pieces incorporated into your wedding day. Having a clean and simple list like the one above is sure to make things easier.

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