Creating A Budget For Your Dream Wedding

The First Step To Planning Your Dream Wedding

Budgeting – “the process of calculating how much money you must earn or save during a particular period of time, and of planning how you will spend it” (Cambridge Dictionary).

A concept known all to well to many of us. Whether it be in your profession or your personal finances, budgeting effectively is vital to the success of any project or individual – and weddings are no different! You want to enjoy your big day, right? Well how can you do that if you’re hundreds, or even thousands, over budget?

Keep reading and follow along to build your own wedding budget!


This is your day! I always recommend first sitting down and making a list of the most important aspects of your wedding. Whether it be the venue and flowers or the food and music, you should focus on investing in the things that matter most to the two of you! According to The Ascent, a Motley Fool Service, “the average cost for a 2022 wedding sits at around $27,000.” Focusing on what’s important to you will definitely help bring that cost down!


This doesn’t mean throw a huge party and invite everyone you know. And this doesn’t mean don’t make it a weekend long celebration. It means consider EVERY small detail – and when you think you’ve thought of everything, think smaller! There are over 15 types of wedding vendors that each have tons of products and services. Everything from candle holders and silverware to an extra pair of more comfortable shoes for the reception, thinking about all the little details beforehand will save you so much time and stress closer to your big day.


Being realistic about your budget is the most important thing! If you’re parents aren’t able to pitch in and you don’t have a ton of savings, start saving. If they are helping out, ask them to be realistic and upfront about how much they can help out. A good rule of thumb is to multiple your household income by 25-50 percent, giving you a good starting point for a budget. Taking this number you can then determine what percentage of your salary you should be saving each month and for how long!


Set up a spreadsheet and organize it by each part of your wedding! Create a budget for each individual part of the wedding and make sure to track costs and payments of each individual item.

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Planning and budgeting for your wedding should be about one thing – the two of you! The tighter your wedding budget the more you’ll need to compromise on, so make sure it’s what you want (not what your third cousin’s aunt wants LOL).

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