Do You Need Two Wedding Photographers On Your Wedding Day?

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Your wedding day is one of the most important and memorable moments of your life. Capturing every precious detail and emotion is crucial, and this is where the question arises: do you need two wedding photographers on your wedding day? It’s a decision that can impact your wedding photography experience significantly. In this blog post, we’ll dive into the reasons why you might consider having two wedding photographers and why, in some cases, a single photographer may suffice. Let’s explore the pros and cons to help you make an informed choice for your special day!

Why You Might Need Two Wedding Photographers

  1. Coverage from Multiple Angles: Having two photographers allows for simultaneous coverage from different angles. While one captures the couple’s reactions and emotions, the other can focus on candid shots of guests and the overall atmosphere.
  2. No Missed Moments: With two photographers, there’s less chance of missing key moments. You won’t have to worry about your photographer being in two places at once, ensuring that both the ceremony and reception are well-documented.
  3. More Candid Moments: Two photographers can capture candid moments thatmight otherwise go unnoticed. These candid shots often reveal the true emotions and atmosphere of your special day.
  4. Efficiency: When there are two photographers, it’s easier to coordinate group photos, which can save time during your busy schedule. This means more time for you to enjoy the festivities.

Why You Might Not Need Two Wedding Photographers

  1. Budget Constraints: One of the primary reasons couples opt for a single photographer is budget constraints. A single photographer is usually more cost-effective than hiring a photography team.
  2. Intimate Weddings: If you’re having a small, intimate wedding with only a handful of guests, one photographer may be sufficient to capture the essence of the day without feeling overwhelming.
  3. Coordinated Schedule: With careful planning and a well-coordinated schedule, a single photographer can efficiently cover both the ceremony and reception, especially if the venues are close together.
  4. Consistency in Style: If you have found a photographer whose style aligns perfectly with your vision for the wedding, you may not feel the need to hire a second photographer. Consistency in style can be important for a cohesive album.
  5. Less Intrusive: One photographer is less intrusive than two, which can be a consideration for couples who want to keep their wedding more private and intimate.

My Recommendation

Having at least two photographers is best! That allows for extra angles, capturing both of you getting ready (if in separate places) and so much more. Here at Royal Photos every wedding booked comes with two photographers because we prefer having an extra person at your wedding and believe the reasons why you should have at least two wedding photographers definitely outweigh the reasons as to why not!


The decision of whether or not to have two photographers on your wedding day ultimately depends on your unique preferences, budget, and the size and style of your wedding. There are undeniable benefits to having two photographers, such as broader coverage and varied styles. However, for more intimate weddings or those with budget constraints, a single photographer can still capture beautiful and meaningful memories. Make sure to discuss your options with your chosen photographer or photography team to find the best fit for your special day. In the end, it’s about preserving the moments and emotions that matter most to you.

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