The Royal Photos Wedding Photography Experience (Explained)

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For just a moment, imagine your dream wedding day. Think about all of the laughter, tears, memories, and emotions. Think about the family, friends, and loved ones that gathered to celebrate with you. Now, imagine being able to relive the best moments, and the smallest moments, of that special day whenever and wherever you wanted. Sounds pretty incredible, and maybe even impossible, right? Well “a picture is worth a thousand words,” photography is meant to be the storytelling medium of your wedding day. And what does a good story do? It immerses it’s readers in the text, evokes emotion, and makes you feel like you’re living it! So in our opinion here at Royal Photos, any photographer or videographer that calls themselves a “professional” should be able to do exactly that – but with imagery.

The Royal Photos Wedding Photography Experience

While the main product of our services is a beautifully curated gallery of your images, along with any print items you decide to order, being a wedding photographer is about more than taking good photos. The Royal Photos wedding experience includes a mix of high quality photo and video, and a client-focused business model – getting to know you as much as possible, giving you access to our knowledge base through carefully crafted online and digital resources, and being there for you throughout your engagement (and beyond) in any way we possibly can! At Royal Photos, every wedding client receives:

  • A detailed welcome kit
  • A comprehensive online resource for all things wedding planning
  • Unlimited Planning Calls
  • 24-48 Hr Sneak Peeks
  • Final gallery in less than 2 weeks
  • custom USB with all images
  • Complimentary Client Gifts
  • …and more!

We aim to be available seven days a week for all clients, for any planning or wedding related need, by phone or text/email!

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1 – Discovery

From your initial inquiry to our one-on-one phone consults, the discover phase is when we get to know you and learn all about the vision you have for your wedding day – your photo & video needs, special requests, wedding details, and more.

Initial Inquiry: As a wedding photography company, usually potential clients (you) reach out to us first – either though social media, our website, email, phone, or other platform. We’ve now been based in Troy, Missouri for 8 months but are still accepting inquiries from North Carolina couples, as well as the rest of the US!

After your initial inquiry, we’ll send over a brief questionnaire! It helps us get to know the two of you better and get an overview of your wedding day. We’ll go over your responses and any questions you may have in your first one-on-one phone consult, the discovery call. In this call you’ll also have the opportunity to learn more about us and our services – but this is where we focus on you and your vision.

2 – Booking

Your personalized booking call is where we’ll go over your options. With all of the information you gave us in the discovery phase, we’ll present you with three collection options – each aligning with your vision, but all unique in their offerings. In this one-on-one consult you’ll receive a digital copy of your personalized collection options to reference while we discuss them! We’ll also go over the key points of your photography contract and payment plan details, so there’s no surprises when you’re ready to book.

Once you’ve chosen your collection options, we’ll be able to draft your contract and invoice. The 40% nonrefundable deposit and signed contract are required to reserve your wedding date!

3 – Planning

Once you’re in our calendar, you’ll have access to our detailed welcome kit and unlimited planning calls. In these calls we’ll help with timeline creation and planning family photos, finding vendors, or any other wedding planning task you may need help with.

The planning phase encompasses all parts of your wedding journey after you’ve booked us, but before your wedding date. So in this phase we’ll also schedule and take your engagement photos!

4 – Your Big Day

The day you say ‘I do.’ This is when we do all the work and the two of you just take it all in – the day when the magic happens. We’ll arrive before our scheduled start time, and begin capturing your story as it unfolds. It’s your day, enjoy it!

5 – Happily Ever After

This phase of course includes every day after your wedding day! For you, it means enjoying your first days as a married couple, going on your honeymoon, and taking the first steps of marriage. At Royal Photos, Happily Ever After includes receiving your sneak peeks within 48 hours, and receiving your final gallery in just a few short weeks. So while we’re hard at work editing your beautiful photos and videos, crafting the story of your love, you should be spending time together… relaxing.

During the Happily Ever After phase we’d also love to hear your feedback on your experience with us! We have a client survey we can send over, or you can leave your feedback on Google, Facebook, or the comments of this blog post!


We hope this breakdown of our wedding photography experience makes our processes easier to understand! Thank you for your continued support and for trusting in Royal Photos as your go-to wedding & elopement photographers – and for allowing us the opportunity to travel all over Missouri and the United States capturing your unique love stories.

As always, thank you for reading, and don’t forget to follow along for more content like this!

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