Missouri Sales Tax For Photographers & Videographers

One Of The Best States For Business

Missouri is ranked among some of the best states for business due to their tax structure, business regulation, and more! While Delaware is home to the most corporations due to its appealing business regulations, Missouri’s tax and business regulations benefit the small business and individual with lower sales and income tax.

Missouri Sales & Use Tax For Photographers Simplified

Missouri being a great state for businesses, also has a lot of informational resources published on their Department of Revenue website as well as other government sites! To keep things simple:

  • Missouri has a state wide sales tax rate of 4.225% for 2023
  • Missouri allows local governments to collect sales tax as well (varies by area)
  • Photographers and videographers must only remit sales tax when the services rendered result in a tangible product (i.e. downloaded photos aren’t taxable)
  • Photographers must remit local sales tax for the area in which the service was rendered

The list of taxable and exempt purchases for photographers is much more extensive. To see the full list, click here!


Taxes are an important part of any business! This information is meant to educate but is not in any way professional tax advice. Please consult a certified tax professional for the best and most current tax advice for your photo or video business.For more on photography and videography, check out the rest of my website and related posts!

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