How To Share Your Wedding Photos With Your Guests

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A No Phone Zone

This may be a controversial statement, but there should be no phones at your wedding – or they should at least be limited to only certain parts of your wedding day. A phone free ceremony, for example, makes for much better pictures from your photographer, less distractions, and less of a chance of someone’s phone going off. It also gives your guests the ability to be more engaged in what’s happening and being said, to take in the moment with you.

Some ways to have a phone-free wedding:

  • Include a polite, but firm note on your invites. You don’t want to come off harsh, but don’t make it seem optional or like a request.
  • Put up signage at your wedding that compliments your wedding decor, not distracts from it.
  • Have your officiant/coordinator make an announcement at your rehearsal dinner and/or beginning of your ceremony.

How I do Things

Here at Royal Photos, I use Pixieset to manage everything from my contracts and questionnaires to client galleries. My client galleries are fully online galleries set with custom URLs that give you the ability to view, share, and download your photos with just a few clicks of a button! Each gallery also comes with a list of print products including basic photo prints, acrylic and metal prints, and large canvases. Sharing your photos can be easy.

Sharing Your Photos

  • To share your photos directly from your gallery, click the ‘Share’ icon or copy and paste the custom URL. You can also do this with specific photos instead of the entire gallery.
  • If you want those your sharing the photos with to have access to them too, you can share the Download PIN, or let them purchase digitals/prints on their own through the store attached to your gallery.
  • Allowing someone to download or purchase the photos directly from your gallery will give them the highest quality image possible.
  • If you want to limit what photos they have access to, I can go into your gallery and make certain parts restricted (for your viewing only).
  • To share photos you’ve downloaded you can:
  • Use one of the many file transfer apps: Will be able to send larger, higher quality photos.
  • Send them in direct messaging apps: Quality will be lower than the original.
  • Send them over email: Can only send a few photos at a time.
  • Share them on Facebook: Friends and family can save them from your post but the quality will be lower than the original.
  • Print them off and send them to everyone: This is a more time consuming, yet thoughtful way.
  • If you have an Apple device, create a shared album: Very quick and easy for sharing photos on your iPhone.
  • Create a free Shutterfly share site: Can allow guests to also upload photos and videos too.


Everyone wants to have photos of your wedding day. By coming up with a plan for sharing your photos, you can let any concerned friends or family know they will be getting photos – and assure them it’s okay to put down their camera phone LOL. As you get your wedding photos back, I hope these tips and best practices help!

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