The Royal Photos Sports Photography Experience (Explained)

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From baseball and soccer to lacrosse and cheer, teams and athletes in every sport can benefit from professional sports photography and videography! As a multi-sport athlete throughout middle and high school myself – one who doesn’t have a single professional photo from those years, and one who is now a professional photographer – I see the need for it and benefit it has just as much as (if not more than) anyone else. So what’s stopping you from booking your sports photographer? Do you have questions about working with a sports photographer? Keep reading below to see exactly what you’ll get as a Royal Photos sports photography client.

The Royal Photos Sports Photography Experience

At Royal Photos, our team of photographers works with individual players and families, teams, schools and organizations, and even tournament hosts, providing professional photo & video that captures the best in-game moments, once-in-a-lifetime plays, and all of the small celebrations in between! Everything is simple and straightforward to make for quick and easy booking, easy access to your photos, and a streamlined way to order high quality prints, canvases, and other wall art/heirlooms.

Individuals & Teams

  1. We’ll start by collecting some basic information. For an individual, it’ll be things like parent and player name, mailing address, player jersey number, etc. For teams it’ll be things like coaches names, a roster, and other information. I usually do this with a quick questionnaire to keep things organized!
  2. Once we have your basic information and game schedules/times, we’ll be able to send out your invoice and contract.
  3. After we have payment and your signed contract, you’ll be in our books!

For individuals and teams, we arrive before warm ups/pregame and capture photos through the end of the game. Photos are usually edited and delivered to you within 24 hours!

Schools & Organizations

  1. After an authorized representative of your organization reaches out, we’ll set up a discovery call or in-person meeting to determine your specific photo and video needs – number of teams, sports, and games; types of media; and so on.
  2. Once we’re able to detail your specific needs we’ll be able to provide a more accurate quote and service plan!
  3. After we’ve agreed on the terms and contracts are signed, we’ll stay in touch until game time.
  4. After each game, photos will be edited and uploaded to an online gallery for your organization to view, share, and download.

For schools and organizations, Royal Photos is able to give back a percentage of revenue from all photo sales!

We aim to edit and deliver your photos the same day as your sports event.


  1. Tournament hosts can contact us by call, text, or email to discuss their photo and video needs.
  2. First we’ll get details about what you’re looking for in a photography service, how many games/matches will be happening simultaneously, etc.
  3. Once we’ve confirmed our team is available, we’ll go over and sign any agreements!
  4. All that’s left after that is staying in touch until the tournament and capturing beautiful imagery the day of.

For tournaments, Royal Photos is able to give back a percentage of revenue from all photo sales!

Tournament photo sales can be done either online only or as booth style in-person sales at the tournament.

Individual players and/or teams will have the option to place preorders for digitals and prints!

Photos are edited and uploaded after each half or each game/match.


Our sports photography experience, like I said, is very simple and straightforward. It’s never been easier to get high quality imagery of your best in game moments. At Royal Photos we work with players and teams at any age or skill level across Lincoln County, the entire state of Missouri, and beyond. There isn’t anywhere our team of professional sorts photographers won’t travel to reach our clients!

Contact us today to begin booking your sports photography or videography coverage!

As always, thank you for reading, and don’t forget to follow along for more content like this!

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