Photo Showcase: The Red-shouldered Hawk


As one of the most common large birds in Missouri, you could definitely say the Red-shouldered Hawk has become a main character in my wildlife portfolio. Weighing 1-2 pounds with a respective length of up to 24 inches and wingspan of up to 50 inches, these birds are majestic creatures to watch and photograph.

red shouldered hawk, missouri wildlife photographer

More About the Red-shouldered Hawk

  • The Cherokee held the belief that these hawks were the deliverers of vision. With them they bring clear sightedness and the idea that a message was coming to you, that you should be aware and observant as to not miss said message.
  • The Red-shouldered Hawk, with it’s peachy-reddish colors and banded tail, blends well with it’s surroundings, especially this time of year. That mixed with their agility, high IQ, and elusive nature make them fun and challenging to photograph.
  • This species mates for life and shows a unique display of courtship in the process of finding their mate! You may sometimes find one flying upside down underneath one another.
  • Although relatively common in our area, overall they have become uncommon across the US!

In our area I’m able to spot at least 1-2 a week, and the same one usually frequents this area quite often. In the past month or so, on a couple different occasions, I’ve spotted up to four resting on the same power pole! Here are just a few of the photos I’ve captured of the Red-shouldered Hawk:


Definitely some of my favorite wildlife photos on my photography journey thus far, but I’m sure there’ll be plenty more of these birds, other birds, and other animals I come to love just as much if not more as my skills and experience grow as well!

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