How I Handle Rain On A Client’s Wedding Day

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Almost no one wants rain on their wedding day, especially if it’s mostly or completely outdoors. But with the right group of family and friends, and the right group of wedding professionals, we can and will have an amazing day and beautiful wedding. Below are some of the ways I handle rain and bad weather if it happens to arise on our client’s wedding day!

How I Handle Rain On A Client’s Wedding Day

  • Clear umbrellas! For events that are completely outdoors, for client’s who still want portraits outdoors, and for traveling between buildings/to cars, clear umbrellas are perfect. They don’t look tacky in photos and don’t cast harsh shadows on faces.
  • Always have backup locations for the outdoor parts of your day! If possible, find backup options for your ceremony, outdoor portraits, and other parts of the day, especially if it’s supposed to do more than just “rain a little.” We used a nearby casino and resort for bridal party portraits at a recent wedding when the weather got bad.
  • Separate sessions! If rain or bad weather prevent us from capturing the beautiful portraits you envisioned, at Royal Photos we offer separate bridal and bridal party sessions that can be scheduled at a different time.
  • Gear protection! In our arsenal of camera equipment, we also have water resistant covers and accessories we can use to prevent water from getting to our gear. This works up to a certain extent, so if it get’s too bad we may have to pack it up.


In 2023 alone, we’ve photographed at least 3 different weddings where it rained most or all of the day, and a couple of those were in almost freezing temperatures. The best weddings are those where the couple, bridal party, all guests, and vendors choose to celebrate no matter the weather condition – and thats exactly what all of our couple’s chose to do!

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