A List Of All Wedding Venues Near Green Bay, Wisconsin (2024)

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Congratulations, lovebirds! Your special day is on the horizon, and now it’s time to find the perfect wedding venue to set the stage for your magical celebration. Whether you’re dreaming of a charming garden or an elegant ballroom, Wisconsin has a plethora of stunning venues to choose from. To make your search easier, I’ve compiled a comprehensive list of wedding venues across the Green Bay, Wisconsin area. So, let’s dive in and explore the options that Wisconsin has to offer!

Wedding Venues Near Green Bay, Wisconsin

  1. Gather on Broadway – Green Bay
  2. Hamlet Creek – Green Bay
  3. Riverside Ballroom – Green Bay
  4. Olde 41 – Green Bay
  5. Black Sheep Weddings & Events – New Franken
  6. Backstage – Green Bay
  7. Bridal Church & Wedding Chapel – Green Bay
  8. The Ravine Pub, Grill, & Banquet Hall – Green Bay
  9. Westlin Hall – Green Bay
  10. Lyric Room at Stage 1 – Green Bay
  11. The Terrace at Marina Circle – Green Bay
  12. Green Bay Distillery – Ashwaubenon
  13. Rockwood Terrace – Green Bay
  14. Heritage Hill State Historical Park – Green Bay
  15. Eddie Whipp’s Dining Hall – Green Bay
  16. Humboldt Haus – Green Bay
  17. The LedgeCrest Reserve – De Pere
  18. The District Event Center – Green Bay
  19. The Automobile Gallery & Event Center – Green Bay
  20. Pamperin Park – Green Bay
  21. Meyer Theatre – Green Bay
  22. KI Convention Center – Green Bay
  23. Thornberry Creek at Oneida – Hobart
  24. Johnsonville Tailgate Venue – Green Bay
  25. Swan Club – De Pere
  26. The Barrel Haus at Badger State Brewing – Green Bay
  27. Tundra Lodge – Green Bay
  28. Beverly Gardens – Denmark
  29. The Marq Supper Club, Banquet and Catering – De pere
  30. Woods Golf Club – Green Bay


With right at 30 venues to choose from on this list, you’re sure to find one that fits all of your wants and needs, that meets your vision! Once you secure your venue, begin looking for all other vendors as calendars fill up quick in some industries (like photography).

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