How To Make A Unique Hashtag For Your Wedding Or Event

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These days almost everyone has a phone and almost everyone is on social media – why not use that to your advantage when it comes to your wedding day? There are many different uses for unique hashtags. Many businesses and brands use them to promote user-generated content, or promote a specific event; some cities and government organizations use them to promote tourism, and you can use them for your wedding day.

How It Works

Unique hashtags are like unique search keywords: whoever the intended user for the hashtag will add it to the caption of their social media post and when you search for that hashtag all the posts that’ve used it will show up. In the instance of a wedding or event, all guests could posts the photos they’ve taken to Instagram for example, then you and all guests could search for that hashtag and find everyone’s posts!

Creating a unique hashtag is actually really simple. the hardest part is actually coming up with the hashtag you want to use.

How To Create A Unique Hashtag

First, you have to come up with a hashtag. This can be anything but the more related to your wedding or event the better! Here are some examples of hashtags you could use for inspriation:

  • #*insert your wedding date*
  • #johnandkayla2023
  • #thekennedys102923
  • #johnandkaylasweddingday
  • #theadamswedding
  • #theadamsweddingat*insert venue name*

Once you’ve thought of a few hashtag ideas, try searching them on the social media platform you plan to use it on. Searching for them will tell you if anyone else has ever used them and how many times. If it’s only been used a few times and you don’t mind, you can still use it. Though the goal is to find one that’s never been used before.

After nailing down which hashtag you’re going to use, next is deciding how you plan on letting everyone know to use it. This can be done by posting about it ahead of time, including it on your event stationary and signage, and announcing the day of. After that, just sit back and watch the posts roll in!


Adding a unique hashtag to your wedding or event may just be the touch you need to really engage your guests and get good photos of all the action, especially if you don’t plan on having professional photographers.

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